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Cultivating the Expressive Body

The body is always present.


Cultivating the Expressive Body (CEB) is an imaginative and ritual-based movement practice facilitated by Jeremy Hahn, with live music by SkyE. Develop a dynamic embodied presence through a holistic investigation of improvisational movement inspired by visual imagery and contemplative practices that encourage states of flow and honor the ancestors within.

Over the past decade, Hahn has led CEB workshops at the Camera Obscura Art Labs, Brewery Artist Lofts, The Electric Lodge, The Annenberg Community Beach House, Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Inner-City Arts, Play Collaborative Arts, various Colleges/Universities, and on digital platforms.

All who are called to the work and grounded in a movement practice are welcome, Queer bodies are encouraged, and CEB workshops are offered for the LGBTQ2IA+ community.  


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May we move together.

(photography by Joe Lambie)

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