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Visual Art  


Jeremy Hahn



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Current explorations in Queering the Canvas: how to create visual art that can only be experienced in its entirety in person. First, going deep into nature to lie under a tree and create a plein air ink piece.  Brought back to the city, creating the feeling, the impression of nature in our bones.  Can we bring the touch of green, the feel of fresh air, and the transcendence of the sounds of the wind to our concrete cityscapes? Making non-normative choices from the handbuilt stretched canvases to the style and application of paint and color.  In our highly digitized times lived through screens with AI that can paint better than humans, they explore techniques that create slowly revealing layers in each painting of moments that cannot be captured on camera. 

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Jeremy Hahn

Listen to the lines as they strum the two dimensional space. 

Colors dance as geometric forms take shape. 

A surreal portrait poured of liquid pigment on the page. 

An invitation of visual movement underway.

Hahn creates primarily in watercolor and ink. Working with these liquid mediums he strives to create movement and harmony on the page by spatially balancing the visual elements, using vibrant colors, and exaggerating the surreal attributes of the subject matter.

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Reproductions, prints, and some originals available from the images above.

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