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"We find the process of creating art to be a spiritual and life-affirming experience. We invite all who are present to co-create our transient moment of existence... Death is only a breath away; we can laugh, scream, or sing our way into the embrace."

- SkyE





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A transdisciplinary improvisational stream of consciousness spoken word theatrical, operatic drag movement live performance video on queering climate change and (up)cycling.

"Plastic, plastic everywhere, in our blood it lives, climate changes, species die, a slow end it gives." This opening nursery rhyme of the transdisciplinary queer theater aspect of Layers is a microcosm and artistic metaphor for the more significant themes at play in this piece that dances between and beyond traditional art forms surrounding video art, upcycled junk-art set piece sculptures, and performance. Through queering performativity, bending gender, and (un)storytelling, these pseudo-autobiographic vignettes invite new forms of artistic experience.


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performance art

SPIRITBODY (2015-ongoing) is an investigation of embodying a dynamic Queer presence during site-responsive durational installation performances. Previous iterations of the work were performed notably at The Hammer Museum during the IRL Studio in 2016, The Electric Lodge’s High Voltage Series in 2018, Beach Dances at The Annenberg Community Beach House in 2018, and at The Gallery at J&S Arts in 2024.

Currently, SPIRITBODY is a movement dialogue with time and place. Throughout the performance, the artist attends to the process of maintaining mindful embodied awareness while dancing improvisationally in slow time and inhabiting moments of stillness. Surrounded by plants, the body (re)connects with a queer sense of time unbound by the bombarding speed of the digital age.

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internationally recognized screendance 

With our rights to love once again being put in questionable waters, we decided to show our love to the community. This is a representation of the love we have for all of you, and the love we have for each other.  We hope you will accept our love. From us, to you.


This film was recognized and accepted into the following national and international film festivals: 

Shanghai Queer Film Festival, China.

Azores Film Festival, Ponta Delgada, Portugal.

Chaktomuk Short Film Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Geo Film Festival, Cittadella, Italy.

Fotofilm, Tijuana, Mexico.

St. Valentine's Festival, San Francisco, CA. USA.

Live Art Dance Film Festival, Boulder, CO. USA.

Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, Worcester Arts Council, MA. USA.

Super 9 Mobile Online Film Fest

SmartFest Online Film Festival

Dances for the end ofthe world ch.2

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You Speak to Me in Dreams

You speak to me in dreams

I sense your presence, and invite you in

At times more subtle than not

I dream deeply; causing my body to shutter and twitch

You speak to me in dreams

Eyes wide staring anxiously desiring to know the depths of my misfortune

I feel you waver, and pull you near

You asked for this, you wanted this; yet fear drives the ship down the same narrow canal

You speak to me in dreams

I await, knowingly, in peaceful solemnity

Yet, I see you, always around the corner

I dive deep into the unknown, and grab the string of your robe

This veil sharp pulls me; capturing my attention

I slide along the wall as I chase the taciturn jubilation

This passage is blurred, and unending it seems

The picture frames slip… and recycle themselves into the surrounding darkness

I am pulled


Entranced by magic

This anthology of stories, detached from our own…

You speak to me in dreams

-Jeremy Hahn

The In-Between




a participatory ritual based offering in the Arroyo Seco


Listen to the wind;

it tumbles still…

Water fills my head,

peeling back layers;

and, opening your eyes… 


An offering made with the intention of dissolving loneliness

and honoring the ground we stand upon.

The stories of the people past and present

emerged through poetry, voice, history, and movement by an ensemble of artists. 

The In-Between ensemble consisted of:

1 historian, 1 percussionist, 2 actors, 4 vocalists, 8 dancers


Embodying the wisdom of illusory experience, 

past present and future, 

we surrender effortlessly into our

miraculously unique 

multifaceted piece 

of the multiverse.


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guided meditation and visual experience

Can meditation be taught?

Words can be followed, like poetry, they can only point the way. 

Meditation is experienced, as the path is experienced. 

This film is an invitation to go on a journey.

A journey through breath, thoughts, and prose. 

Combining dance, words, and music, we express; This. 


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meditation poem



IRL Studio at the Hammer museum

durational installations 

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Instruments of the Present Moment

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multifaceted performance art

SPIRITBODY - (noun) a living and queer unicorn in a constant state of becoming 

SPIRITBODY was first commissioned as a solo performance for stage exploring the endeavors of a mythological unicorn in 2015. Since the premiere, the nonlinear saga continues in dreams and rides the sonic edges of crystalline bowls. SPIRITBODY loves to travel and has teleported as a durational installation to museums, galleries, theaters, and nontraditional spaces throughout Los Angeles. SPIRITBODY enjoys the interplay between poetry, crystal singing bowls, improvisational dance, and video art that invites the viewer to surrender into the impermanence of this unfolding dreamscape. 

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Instruments of the present moment





a participatory durational installation

Performed at The Hammer Museum, in Venice Beach, and North Hollywood.

Pulling from the skills we have cultivated, we become open to the Instruments of the Present Moment. through ritual, ceremony, chanting, singing, movement, dance, breath, yoga, presence, healing, and all we have acquired in our decades of practice, we will be doing our best to allow the present moment to sing through the instruments of our bodies, minds, and hearts. come and join, and become a part of the music. by your very presence, the present shall change; and so too, will we change.

Five Words

Only Speaking Prayers. 


Five words.


Each day,


More with less.


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a participatory durational installation


This installation creates an ambient alchemy of cross-disciplinary interpretations of three artistic concepts as taught by Dr. Alexander Vilumsons and Artist Co-op 7. The performers create the work in real time while interacting with each other, their materials, the concepts, sounds, spaces and the audience. performed at the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center.

Mediums: charcoal, oil pastels, colored pencil, pen, the body, voice, crystals, chimes

(photographed artists: Stephen Beitler, Jeremy Hahn, Alison Hart, Corina Kinnear)

the art is singing

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forever chemicals




actions for climate justice 

We live in your blood

We never breakdown 

We are Forever ♾ 

A performative movement dedicated to shifting the tides of cultural stagnation.

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interdisciplinary, multi-hour, art happenings


PRISM was a platform envisioned by Efflorescence (founded by J&S) for professional and emerging contemporary artists to share work without creative restrictions in a safe, inviting, and immersive space.

6 PRISM salons in total featured performance artists, dancers, experimental composers, opera singers, musicians, visual artists, choreographers, circus artists, multimedia artists, film directors, and more. 


Each PRISM event included educational outreach opportunities for community members to learn from and perform with members of Efflorescence.


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