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About J&S

J&S (Jeremy Hahn & SkyE) are interdisciplinary artists who create durational performative installations, visual art, and participatory movement-based embodied experiences. As process driven creators their methodology is rooted in contemplative and ritual practice inspiring the creation of work that promotes connection, mindfulness, and a sense of ease.



Jeremy Hahn

artist | educator
storyteller | artist | music maker
Where is the Line?

After the rain; the birds allow me to hear their song; the butterfly allows me to dry them with my breath

Where is the Line between this and that?


I feel the flow, and yet I wonder do I write this down or allow the flow to flow 

Where is the  Line?


Connection to everything; this space with no words and poetry is

Where is the line


Voice to text, text to voice, maybe you pick up what I say maybe you hear maybe you listen maybe we are maybe we aren't the point is there is no point the point is we are point unless we forget and we are lost; elsewhere

Where is the line


The line where I allow the words to flow, but have to stop them -- in order to make them words 

when to wait in prose and when to share

Where is the line


When is it inspiration, when has it passed its expiration; when are we and where are we when we are trying to encompass the flow that is only the flow when it cannot be encompassed

where is the line


The line between me and you

 the line between us and them 

the line between wholeness and individuality 

where is the line


Where is the line where we stop speaking and truth is 


When does rhythm become music

When do we wake up


Where is the line when we end

What is the line between life and stagnation

What is the line between birth and death death and birth

Where is the line between me and you

Where is the line between the projections of my mind and the reflections of yours

Where is the line between my dream our dream and the dream

On what line do we end

and love; is.

Love is

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is allowed

Voice to text saying it better than I ever could love is love is love is allowed

Love is

Love is

Love is love


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They embody life as an artist. 


(f.k.a. Stephen Beitler)


Raised by the neighborhood Bluejays; 

Unheard Symphonies

They dance with the birds. 

Life as Sacred. 

Art as Practice.

Process as Life.


Liberating their voice and heart; learning to move through theatre, opera, circus, museums, galleries, and the avant-garde.

Their storytelling and art-making has led them to spaces of creation all around the world: The Hammer Museum, The Industry LA, Cleveland Orchestra, LA Phil, LA Opera, The Ford Theater, TV, Films, Festivals, Exhibitions, Nightclubs, the streets of LA, and more adventures than we can list here; The New Yorker said their leading role was 'performed virtuosically' in Hopscotch a Mobile Opera, LA weekly wrote of their flying through Hollywood Fringe:  


Fascinated with time, introversion, trance, flow, and societally enforced binary roles; they continue to explore visual/video art, improvisational music, installation, spoken word, performance art, and more. A transdisciplinary artist: manifesting between and beyond traditional artforms.

They do not just create art, their life is their masterpiece unfolding. The art currently named SkyE won’t be known in their entirety until the day they take their last breath, inspire their last brushstroke, and sing their last song...

Los Angeles Dept. of Cultural Affairs Reimagine grant 2021 fellow

In residence at The Brewery Artist Lofts since 2020

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Jeremy Hahn

( he/they ) 

An interdisciplinary artist who creates durational site-responsive installations, poems, and works of visual art. His artistic offerings explore the passage(s) of movement as representations of change and impermanence. Witnessing or participating with the work is an invitation to engage in an ongoing practice of mindful self-awareness.


Hahn facilitates “Cultivating the Expressive Body” a movement workshop that incorporates contemplative practices and improvisational dance for participants to excavate an embodied Queer presence in motion. Inspired by this work, their current research chronicles the intentional process of performing rituals within contemporary Queer culture and illuminates how embodied Queer presence can promote social healing and collective transformation.

As a performer, they have worked with many artists including Jane Brucker, Efflorescence, Lucent Dossier Experience, Yuval Sharon, and SkyE. He has performed notably at LACMA, Severance Hall, The Hammer Museum, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Baik Gallery, The Skirball Cultural Center, The Annenberg Community Beach House, Lightning in a Bottle, EDC, The Edison, The Echo + Echo Plex, Vibiana and Grand Park.

He holds a BA in Studio Arts from Loyola Marymount University, an MFA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach, is a Ph.D. student in Dance at Texas Woman's University, and is on faculty in The Department of Theatre and New Dance at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

My Heart is Shared Through You (excerpt)

My heart shared through you.

Telling stories around a fire,

The ancestors dance in the flames of our remembrances.

Luminous orations flow,

like threads woven into an invisible tapestry of tradition.

Glory, love, and wounds encased in these sonic fibers that stretch like facial webbing supporting our frame.

We are here because of you,


This breath an eternity in the making.


Eyes wide and filled with stars.

Each word embraced tenderly by the heart.

We lean in,


Quietly it rises,



badum ba cha badum ba cha badum ba

Our drum beats find the synchronization of a single pulse.

Distances collapse in mutual seeing.

I see you through the eyes of myself.

We hold space in stillness,

The liminal of the gap,


A family created from chosen time.

In a circle we hear the tides whose rhythms reverberate inside our marrow cavities as

thunderous vibrations echo harmoniously.

What is this?


A distant call evokes a memory.

A feeling we all share.

The plume of smoke, ash, and spark rises in between us.

Bodies spiraling in air.

Overhead they ride in rings of depth sculpting the three dimensional space of our bonfire’s thermal updraft.

A wide wisdom floating in hallow bones.

Their talons have held the earth clutching fish, branch, berry, beast and sky

long before our emergence.

They understand the land as they are part of it,

this cosmic mandala.

A temporality in shifting sands creates a resonance.

The earth bellows a deep full tone which flies up through the flickering flames.

Above, they cry out in response.

A sonic symphony with a low drone underneath.

But can we hear the sounds?


The key trips the tumbler,

Mechanism unlatched,

In our eyes a scintillating flicker of insight silently passes between us.

In agreement we prepare.

All at once,

We bury our feet under dirt planting ourselves into the network.

Signals from root-tips and fungal mycelium send sparks to our toes awaking inner pathways towards truth.

The hairs inside our ear canals vibrate, hearing the messages buried beneath.

A history of the land.

This old binding now broken,


the sternum unlocks,

And the rib cage swings

gliding gently apart.

We are not afraid...

- Jeremy Hahn

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The gallery

The Gallery at J&S Arts is a visual and performing arts venue fueled by artistic curiosity, contemplative practice, Queer performance, skyflowers, and love. Enjoy The Gallery during the biannual Artwalk at the Brewery Artist Lofts, check for current Events, or Contact-Us to schedule a studio visit.

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