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Meditation Garden, Tea, & Open Studio - 2:22~4:44 pm PST
Performances of Layers 


We are releasing a limited number of in-person passes.

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*Suggested donation is $18 for in person and $1 for joining on zoom
(no one is turned away for lack of funds)



The Garden

Brewing Tea



Open Studio

a cushion with a five minute meditation timer will be setup in the garden for you to enjoy, allow the sounds of the running water to rest your mind and heart 

bring a tea cup from home to enjoy some of our teas, some grown in our own garden and combined through inspiration by J&S from their personal apothecary 

enjoy the permanent gallery at J&S with over 150 original pieces as well as QR codes that will take you on different experiences throughout the space






Layers  (2014-ongoing)

Artist: SkyE

Through a whispered sound bath, original music, movement arts, multimedia, and flying through infinite layers I will perform my gender, as I find myself fluidly slipping between and beyond the binary of this moment. "Gender reality is performative which means, quite simply, that it is real only to the extent that it is performed" (Butler 1998, 527). Queering the typical audience experience, you will be lying down, with pillows and blankets from home, with your own familiar headphones, while live art, queering the expected, is created all around you. Allow the sounds and smells to wash over you with your eyes closed, or take a peak as a fluid gendered forest creature (aka SkyE) moves through the many disciplines of artmaking.


Layering reality, art, and technology. Through the ephemeral (re)construction of past memories, we create the illusion of present moment experience. Artistic creations from across the disciplines converge in live performance. Every mark, word, and thought is etched into our co-created lucid dream reality. This lasting effect is represented by the permanence of the ink finale, as the single opportunity to make the mark reminds us of our impermanence, and the magic that is our coming together.

Butler, Judith. 1998. "Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and
Feminist Theory." Theatre Journal 40, no. 4: pp. 519-531.

SPIRITBODY  (2015-ongoing)

Artist: Jeremy Hahn

SPIRITBODY  is an investigation of embodying a dynamic Queer presence during site-responsive durational installation performances. Previous iterations of the work were performed notably at The Hammer Museum during the IRL Studio in 2016, The Electric Lodge’s High Voltage Series in 2018, Beach Dances at The Annenberg Community Beach House in 2018, and The Gallery at J&S Arts in 2022.

Currently, SPIRITBODY is a movement dialogue with place. The artist attends to the mindful process of maintaining embodied awareness while improvising dance in slow time and inhabiting moments of stillness. Surrounded by plants the body (re)connects with a queer sense of time not bound by the speed of the digital age.

During this brief iteration of the piece viewers are invited to participate by drawing the trace (pathway) of the movement passing through the body of the performer. Breathe, listen to your body and the soundscape by SkyE, and enjoy the process.

(circle photography by Yves Gore)

Things to Bring

Headphones/Cellphone: Guests must bring their own headphones and cellular device with data capabilities to fully experience the sounds created during the show. (You will need the zoom App on your phone to join the sound). A very few headphones are available to borrow, but only a quiet speaker will be pumping sound into the space.

TEA CUP: Please have your cup if you will be enjoying tea with us in the afternoon.

Comfortable fluffy things: Guests are encouraged to bring blankets, pillows, yoga mats, zafus, house slippers and comfy clothes to stay warm and cozy in the Gallery.

Parking: The best place to park is on 21st, just by the freeway, or in the neighborhood. Be sure to check all parking signage, but daytime Parking is also possible on Moulton. The gate by us is permanently closed, so please refer to the map below to see how to walk to our space.





COVID Policy: We encourage masks if you feel more comfortable wearing one, especially when watching a performance. If you have a fever, cough, or been in contact with anyone with COVID we of course ask that you stay home and convalesce well.


We ask that you leave furry friends and small humans at home. We do have two cats, so please plan accordingly.

Sleek Headphones
Mobile Phone
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Black and White Kitten

Things to Know

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