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Artwalk Reflections Spring 2022

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Artwalk 2022 at the Brewery Artist Lofts became our first face-to-face offering since December 2019 and was the premiere of our gallery. Immersive sound by SkyE, visual art, durational performance, and video art by J&S converged over the weekend during this retrospective presentation. Our time creating, working, and teaching from this live/work studio during the pandemic shaped the shimmering facets of the gallery space in preparation for this event.

Thank you to those who could join us face-to-face and live on zoom during Artwalk. We were happy to meet many wonderful people who enjoyed the vibrancy of the secret garden, the calm vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, the flow of marks of love and peace made by SkyE, Jeremy’s slow-time movements performed during his installation, the opportunity to sit and make their own art, and hearing the stories about the dozens of visual art pieces on display. What a gift to share physical time and space with others while collaboratively weaving the fibers of the present moment. We felt affirmed by the presence of new faces, children, family, and loved ones who came together in the name of art.

With gratitude,


The Gallery at J&S Arts - J&S Arts

SPIRITBODY - Jeremy Hahn

Marks of Love & Peace - SkyE


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