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J&S Archive for 2022

This abridged archive consists of notable memories, texts, art, artists, poems, and stories, beginning with the most recent experiences of the year and moving back in time (not necessarily linear time, but a bit queer).

Running in the rain

Rekindling the culinary arts

SkyE saved the caterpillars in the garden from threats

Beautiful sunset, first day after longest night

Double cup tea ceremony for winter solstice

Butterfly eggs and tiny caterpillar on the threshold

New music platform

Listening to the loving sounds of family laughing and chatting drifting in from the other room

The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art

A shortlist of the most resonant queer theory texts this year:

Barad, Karen. 2012. "Nature's queer performativity (the authorized version)." In Kvinder, Køn og forskning/Women, Gender and Research, no. 1-2, 25-53.

DeFrantz, Thomas. 2017. “Queer Dance in Three Acts.” In Queer Dance: Meanings and Makings, edited by Claire Croft, 169-180. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Halberstam, Jack. 2011. The Queer Art of Failure. Durham: Duke University Press.

Muñoz, José Esteban. 2009. Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity, 10th Anniversary Edition, New York: New York University Press. Apple Books.

Additional significant scholars: Gloria Anzaldúa, Judith Butler, Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Petra Kuppers, SanSan Kwan

The politics of citations

Smiley, The White Lotus, The L Word: Generation Q, The Warhol Diaries

Her return from seven months in South East Asia

Dream encouraging a vine to grow other way, and it did

“The function of the homosexual is to make you uneasy.” Martha Shelly quoted in The Stonewall Reader by The New York Public Library and Edmund White audiobook

My Barbadian performance Double Feature 12.10.22 livestream - “a tepid response to the climate crisis” and “ancient circle”

Blocked EPA emissions control #vote

Respect for Marriage Act saga

Rain on the roof and drizzle in our bones, cold moon full moon, save the pangolins, and he said the pandemic was over

“Because a ghost needs to buy a place in heaven.” -SkyE #capitalism

Earth colliding with another planet to tilt and make the moon

Great Uncle’s passing

“What do you think it will be like after we die?” Eddie easily replied, ”Probably like it was before we were born.“ - Jim Hahn’s weekly writing

She chews the sunshine

Made sandwiches and saw Clyde’s by Lynn Nottage

Aguahoja installation, by Neri Oxman

Beaver Blood Moon eclipse (last one for three years)

Flock of Red-winged Blackbirds squawking in the trees, all fly away in a burst (silence except for the beating of wings) only to resettle in another tree, and start up a squawking chorus… repeat…

Club Q Colorado Springs, deaths by hate-crime on eve of trans Remembrance Day

Dried Passion Flower leaf flying and spiraling in the wind, almost going over the building and landing far away

The Butterfly Ballet, every day for weeks

Sam Smith and Kim Petras LGBTQIA+ history Billboard chart #1

Projected Imaginative Potentials

8 billion world population

“Art is the anticipation of art.” -S

Fall Artwalk, Layers and SPIRITBODY performances

Reconnect with people we haven’t seen for 3 years

Can’t assume things will be the way they were yesterday

Butoh performances

Ancestors evening offering

“We are on the path of queer enlightenment.” -S

The Shamanic Bones of Zen, by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

A Prayer for the Crown-Shy, by Becky Chambers

Of Water and Spirit, by Malidoma Patrice Somé

Swim out in the ocean a ways to see what it is like

Focus on only one thing at a time

Cleared the street

A.I. art prize

Healthy striving

Fall Equinox

Trimming the big tree outside the window and the heat is coming

Last member of an indigenous tribe in Brazil passed away

Artist in residence summer program at the J&S Gallery with Yves Gore and Frank Fu

The Forest of Copper and Green poem excerpt

“Color creeps across the land reflecting the passage of life moving into shadow. The fire tipped tops off the trees grow more auburn as the years go by. The white skeletal spines of giants stand out against the lush hues of forest growth…” JH

Extended stay and family reunion in Sequoia

Watched the sunrise symphony this morning

“Look! Little land birds with babies” -S #quail

S love sonnets for J birthday

128: everything is lovely for a day

“Crying on Instagram.” - an old fashioned country song by SkyE

Thich Nhat Hanh: ‘if the mind is too loud you can’t hear the earth’

“I don’t want to do poses. This isn’t a runway.” -S #yoga asana

Cloud Cuckoo Land, by Anthony Doerr

Drove across the new 6th street bridge and felt the memories of our performance under the old bridge before the demolition in 2015

Uýra: The Rising Forest screening

Finished 5 weeks of first Ph.D. residency

“Live your life as a garden” -S

Playing With Myself, by Randy Rainbow

Atlas of the Heart, by Brené Brown

Taylor Mac Whitman in the Woods films

Kate Bush resurgence

SkyE queering the canvas series

Lone turtle walking in the grass, a family of meandering skunks, and an owl hooting in the dark


Flowers falling from the sky and are all around us, 53 year anniversary of The Stonewall Uprising 6.28

Overturned Roe v. Wade

Unicorn raindrops

Summer flooding

Heart an audio play by Jade Anouka

“We are all queer plants, and the queer love and support flows like a river to the world.” -S

“my cursor hugs your cursor” -S #long distance

“Relaxing into authentic style

Surrounded by sparkling stars

We each shine our unique color

Multifaceted manifestations.

The time to see

The time to notice

The time to be

Together” -SkyE LGBTQIA+ pride poem

Queer Pride month and cinema festival

“Life is not something to be coped with. It is meant to be lived in miraculous ways.” -S

The light in the sky blinks 4 times

Death to the middle class - The Simpsons

1 million Covid deaths in USA

“Like being a particle flowing with the river.” -S

“You folks have really graduated to the equivalent of making spaces into sacred retreats - or even better: making places.” PSC

“Space binds space binds, sacred nonsense my goodnight to awakeness.” Simone Forti live poetry reading at Geffen MOCA, May 6, 2022.

“They gather and explode” bubble “everything is bubbles, what is real?” -S

Unexpected tiny gecko dropped from the blast doors and scampered off

Late April purple puddles


AB dance SPIRITBODY reenactment

Day 1 Artwalk 2022 first time opening our doors since moving in 2020

NYC sized ice shelf collapses in Antarctica

4th mass coral bleaching

Heat dome in late March

Amaryllis bloom, first time in 2 years

The Plastic Bag Store screening, by Robin Frohardt

Spring equinox and garden tea

Mary Lattimore at Hollywood Forever - harps, flowers, and puppets

3 million left Ukraine

LA gas prices rise 22% in 3 weeks

2 year anniversary of WHO declaring pandemic 3.11.22

Attended Slave Play, by Jeremy O. Harris

The Sentence, by Louise Erdrich

Time is a Mother, by Ocean Vuong

Don’t say Gay bill… ‘Gay’


Drought is the worst in 1500 years

Sequoia National Park massive burning from the KNP Complex

Joni Mitchell pulled music off app / live performance at folk festival

24 hours beyond time with you: A love poem (except)

“In the dream world our day begins or night stretches into forever. We adventure in the everyday or the intimate landscapes of the beyond…The darkness of the morning gives way to light that peeks through the seams of our enclosure. A smile while you fly…” JH

Thich Nhat Hanh’s passing and cremation ceremony

Björk live in concert

Awareness & Equanimity

Silent retreat


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