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Fall Artwalk Reflections

Art alive,

Welcome home,

Asking questions about the work.

Children draw,

Gestures ripple off into infinity,

Layers upon layers upon layers.

Curious guests,

Drawing a dance,

Oh look, is that a cat?

Live painting,

Marks of joy,

Flowers are arranged with delicate care.

Come rest,

Observe the garden,

Oh wow, look at all the green-growing things.

Scan a QR code (where does it lead)?

Leave your shoes at the door,

Broadcasting the event across the country.

Lampposts in the night,

Singing bowls resonance,

A little one leaves rosemary sprigs as an offering.

A moment of breath,

Queering the process,

My body desires dancing with yours.

Seeing people for the first time since 2019,

Embracing reunion,

Butterflies dance as the light shifts slowly performing with us.

Deep gratitude for those who visited The Gallery at J&S Arts and joined us on Zoom for the live stream during Artwalk. This was a co-created dream.

Many well wishes and looking forward to seeing each other again the next time.

With love and art,


(left - SPIRITBODY, Jeremy Hahn & photo by Yves Gore / right - Layers, SkyE photo by Jeremy Hahn)


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