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Embodied Pedagogies, a recently published article

The ongoing process of sensing and recognizing the sensations of the body becomes an opportunity to engage in a contemplative dance of presence.

While teaching digitally during the pandemic the body was included. My university students and I utilized our bodies to cultivate community and a sense of belonging through dance via zoom. I discuss my approach to an embodied pedagogy in a recently published article for FLAT Journal 02: Touch, coauthored with collaborator Peter Sebastian Chesney, Ph.D. (featured historian for The In-Between 2019) who shares his teaching process for “Touch” History, and contributing author SkyE.

If inspired, please continue the dialogue by including personal insights in the comments section from your process of navigating embodiment during this ongoing pandemic.

May we take a breath, feel the weight of our bodies, and smile to the moment.

Thank you for reading.

- J

Day one teaching remotely March 2020.


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